Vivialte is an innovative and pioneering Singapore based company that has identified the need for sustainable, regionally focused international health insurance plans, which provide the essential level of cover people really need.

Established in August 2010, Vivilate recognized the need to adopt a fresh approach to plan design and risk management, which would enable us to introduce a different kind of international health insurance plan, with longer term, sustainable premiums.

Over the past 5 years, Vivilate has been perfecting this innovative and pioneering approach in conjunction with it’s Associate Partner Network, who offer Vivilate designed and managed plans to their clients using their own brand, in areas such as Indonesia, China and Dubai. Using the practical experience gained doing this, Vivilate is now launching it’s own range plans, which will be available direct to you the customer.

Vivilate Plans
At Vivilate, our philosophy is simple, our clients should only pay for the cover they need. The benefit table of Vivilate’s plans are simple and easy to understand and are underpinned by a clear and transparent premium structure.

These plans are now available to expatriates living in SE Asia and Dubai.

Vivilate Partners
Vivilate has formed partnerships with leading brokers and agents worldwide and is dedicated to helping them create their own exceptional health insurance plans by connecting them with well established and recognised partners worldwide for peace of mind and financial security for their clients.



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