This is an Optional Vital Element and is only covered if it is shown on Your Certificate of Insurance. If You want to add this to Your Vital In-patient Plan then please contact Us. To be eligible for this cover, the Insured Person’s expected delivery date must be at least 12 months after the initial date of entry to this Policy.



For premiums please refer to the Plan Builder


We will arrange and pay up to the Policy Limits for maternity care.

If during the Period of Insurance, and after the specified waiting period and subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions of the Policy, an Insured Persons requires the benefits of this Section We will pay up to the Policy Limits in total for each pregnancy (as agreed by Our Medical Advisor) as being usual reasonable and customary, for the following:

If any Complications of Maternity arise in connection with pregnancy or childbirth, the Policy Limit under the benefit Complications of Maternity will apply instead, and the Insured Person will be covered up to US$50,000 in respect of any necessary Medical Expenses arising from such Complications of Maternity.

The limit for each newborn child applies for the first 21 days after birth and an amount of up to US$20,000 without notification of the addition of the birth.


The following are not covered by this Policy.


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