This is an Optional Vital Element and is only covered if it is shown on Your Certificate of Insurance. If You want to add this to Your Vital In-patient Plan then please contact Us.



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Out-patient Care

We will pay for the cost of the Treatment as specified in the table above in respect of an Insured Event, which are deemed Medically Necessary costs and agreed by Us up to the Policy Limits for Out-patient services subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions of this Policy.

Complementary Medicine

We will pay up to Policy Limits for Treatment by a chiropractor, an osteopath, and a Homeopath when referred and recommended by a Physician. Chinese traditional medicine, including herbal

Treatments, acupuncture, and bone setting, shall be covered when medically recommended by a Physician (to be agreed as Medically Necessary by Our Medical Advisor) and administered by a qualified practitioner, and subject to receipt of certification of the diagnosis and of the medical necessity for the Treatment.

If Our Medical Advisor considers necessary, We will pay up to the Policy Limits for the purchase or hire of crutches, walkers, wheelchairs and basic orthopedic prostheses and equipment.


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